Thursday, September 30, 2010

Burlington's Golf Course Communities

A perfect blend of urban, suburban and rural living is how I like to describe the city.  Suburban golf course communities exist from the Lakeshore all the way north to Highway 5.  Beyond Highway 5 are rural properties ranging from modest side-splits and Luxury Enclaves to Equestrian and Orchard estates that stretch right up to the base of the Escarpment.

Golf Course Communities in Burlington:
  • Aldershot  - a mature lakeside community featuring a private golf club
  • Tyandaga: - another mature community featuring Burlington's municipal golf course.
  • Millcroft:   - a semi-private course in the north end that winds it's way through the neighbourhood.  

RBL Capital

Like the redesign of this site. Education section includes mortgage calculators, moving checklists, and expected closing costs. I suggest first time buyers check out the site to know what to expect when buying a place.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Burlington's Finest Neighborhoods

For the record, I consider the following neighborhoods to be the finest in town:


Headon Forest





I'll tell you why in future posts.

Ridiculous Condo Fees

What's up with $400, $500 and $600/month condo fees? Are you kidding me?

I know that service costs, insurance, etc go up but I'm not convinced that the fees are justified.

If it were a luxury building with all the fancy shmancy amenities then, I understand. But I'm seeing this in 10-20 year old buildings that don't even have manned security!

Typically, condo fees at this price include: building insurance, exterior maintenance, heat, hydro, water and basic cable t.v. If you split all those out you don't even come close to $500/month. Heck, basic cable is only $35/month!!!

Wondering how high these fees can go. $1000/month??? Somebody better check in on who's on the condo board and what they're doing to keep the fees reasonable.

The price of these condo units may be reasonable from a purchase point of view but good luck carrying them!

Home Theatre Chairs

Check out these beauties!

The perfect set up for your media room.

Wow! Tonnes of listings this fall!

The Fall '10 market is flush with choices of residential properties. In the last 7 days, over 1600+ listings have been added to the Oakville/Milton Real Estate Board! We are definitely in full swing for the Fall Market, the second busiest time of year to buy/sell.