Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm looking forward to the proactive efforts of the city so we can safely bike all over town.  Time to park the car and hop on the bike!

Excerpted from the Cycling Master Plan:

"The benefits of cycling are significant to individuals,
our community and the environment.  Cycling is
enjoyable, efficient, affordable, healthy, sociable,
quiet, and a non-polluting form of transportation.

The Burlington Cycling Master Plan is a result of an
initiative identified in the City’s Strategic Plan:
Future Focus VII:

• Goal: Provide an effective transportation
network that moves people and goods
efficiently within the City and neighbouring
• Strategic Action: Build infrastructure to
support the City’s transportation demands,
optimizing traffic flow and encourage
alternative modes of transportation.
• Initiative: In partnership with the Burlington Cycling Committee, update the 10-
year Bikeway Master Plan, including strategies and recommendations related
to financial and other resources required to ensure safe, reliable and fully
integrated infrastructure for cycling."

City of Burlington Cycling Master Plan

Cycling Plan MAP

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